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Welcome to my new website

After a hiatus, I'm back at the blog and this time, at my new website, set up by Jason Lee. I'm getting ready to leave for Panama again, this time to attend the Manito festival in Ocú

El Festival Nacional del Manito Ocueño.

Location of Ocú. Note Chitre and Las Tablas, which are next door to Parita and Santo Domingo, respectively.

We'll be in Panama from August 10th to August 25th,. This time Michelle and Kathy are unable to join the fun, and I will instead be traveling with Sashur Henninger, who is also a faculty member at Ashford . Look forward to meeting her here on the blog. In Panama, Marino will join us as usual. For a couple of days at the festival, two of his students will be assisting with surveys.

I'm excited about the trip, and besides all the academic work such as getting IRB approval, developing interview questions and surveys, I've been listening to Panamanian music, among others Rubén Blades whom I'm very glad my Alexa knows. I've also been reading John Le Carre's The Tailor of Panama, a satirical take on bureaucracy and international intelligence gathering, set in 1999 as things were getting ready to transfer the canal to Panamanian authorities. To finalize the atmosphere, I'm, enjoying Panamanian chocolate that I found in Target.

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