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Returning From the Field Thinking of the Food

Returning Home

Last Saturday, after a spectacular parade in Parita featuring both the dances of the town and dancers visiting from other towns, we said goodbye to our new friends in Parita. Sunday, we drove back to Panama City and Monday, the three gringos were on the plane back home to the U.S. Leaving the field can be bittersweet: while I was missing my hubby, house and minor zoo of pets, I was also getting attached to Parita, the people, and the life on the road in general. We will share our findings with Parita, our participants, and the Corpus Christi organizing committee in a format designed to make it useful for the town to make decisions about how to maintain Corpus Christi, the dances and the celebration, as meaningful for them while at the same time attracting visitors, ensuring the tradition is shared with others and possibilities of economic benefits to the town.

Back in the U.S, next steps are to enter data, prepare it for analysis, conduct the analysis, and then move on to write up the findings for publication. In the meantime, I will continue to blog once in a while. I even have more video and pictures to share with you. However, first I want to return to an important topic: The Food and Drinks of Panama.

Double-fried green plantains, called Patacones. Plantainsare also served cooked in a sweet sauce, and as chips.

Food and Drink

The cuisine of Panama is influenced by some of the same ingredients and techniques as in other Latin American countries: rice, beans, maize, plantains, yucca, and various forms of meat. You will also find food from all over the world, in particular in Panama City.

Double-fried green plantains, called Patacones. Plantains are also served cooked in a sweet sauce, and as chips.

I found that Panamanian food is milder and less spicy than what is common in some other Latin American countries. One stable is the Sancocho, a delicious chicken soup with a form of dumpling in it. Panama also makes coffee and rome: I brought home four bags of Panamanian coffee, including two bags of a particular delicious and famous variety, Geisha coffee.

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