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Meeting the Devils - and the Wonderful People of Parita

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

We have now spent two days in Parita and Chitre. In that time, we witnessed the division of the sun ceremony, participated in the Corpus Christi mass, were fogged with anti-bug posion along with the mosquitoes (it agitated the mosquitos so they then decided to attack us, forcing us to find our own bug spray), conducted interviews and surveys - and been teased by one of the Devils. We suspect he is now telling the whole town about how he scared the gringos so much they screamed. In other words, the last two days have been busy and exciting, and the people of Parita have been so incredibly welcoming.One of the most satisfying aspects of this study is that our participants are really eager to share their festival and their tradition; part of what we are learning is that the people involved in the festival actually have a desire to for their tradition to be more widely known.

Let us start with the beginning: checking out the town square and the masks.

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