Economy, Culture, and Environment

For an introductory anthropology course, an interactive exercise taking students through the management, production and sale of Apple products allow students to explore concepts of globalization and the connection between economic structures, cultural structures, and the environment. It connects theoretical concepts explored in the textbook to a relateable example.

This is only a sample of the full learning activity.

Race, Gender, and Implicit Bias

This interactive exercise allows students to choose responses in situations such as a job interview or traffic stop, and then see the reactions giving the characteristics of the persona. The branched scenario format allows students to explore different responses and outcomes, and the activity illustrates the universal presence of bias.

This is only a sample of the full learning activity.

Capstone Research Guide

This research guide serves to guide students in narrowing a topic and locating literature for their ethnographic capstone project. Guide and course were designed to accommodate majors from both anthropology and social science.Due to students being focused on their field work, technology was kept simple to avoid overload.

This is only a sample of the full learning activity